Sheet Metal Products

Some of our manufactured metal products

  • Complex Robotic Weldment
    Pictured: Alternator bracket for Agriculture Industry requiring complex forming and robotic welding
  • Robotic Weldment
    Pictured: 3/8” thick assembly for Agriculture Industry utilizing robotic welding
  • Heavy Tubing Welding
    Pictured: 1/2” thick material and tubing robotically welded for Agriculture Industry
  • Volume Production
    Pictured: 1/4” laser cut and formed bracket produced in volume
  • Large Component Fabrication
    Pictured: 11 GA laser cut and formed stainless roof for outdoor electrical enclosure
  • Metal Frames
    Pictured: One example of a metal frame configuration. Frames can be fully assembled or provided in unassembled kits with crating if required
  • Machining
    Pictured: Aluminum component requiring high tolerance machining and laser cutting
  • Complex Forming
    Pictured: 1/4” stainless, 36” tall mounting bracket with complex forming
  • Tight Tolerance Metal Components
    Pictured: 11 GA zinc plated components laser cut to tight tolerance
  • Etched and Formed Components
    Pictured: Components to support lean manufacturing, created as part of a high-volume contract spanning several years
  • Tube Welding
    Pictured: Yellow zinc plated 20 GA strip with tube welding
  • Spot Welding / Welding Assemblies
    Pictured: 10 GA oven assembly with welding and spot welding
  • Stainless Welding and Assembly
    Pictured: Stainless steel welding and assembly of food grade transfer cart
  • Precision Metal Components
    Pictured: New LED lighting product fabricated with a very short lead time
  • Fastener Insertion
    Pictured: LED lighting cover with insertion of pem nuts and studs close to the edge of cover
  • Mounting Equipment
    Pictured: Medical cart CPU holder, laser cut, punched and formed with fastener insertion
  • Welded Assembly, Including Tubing
    Pictured: Welded base with 2” tube, produced for medical industry
  • Heavy Gauge Laser Cutting
    Pictured: 3/8" hot rolled material laser cut with a straight edge to hold maximum top and bottom diameters
  • Maximize Material Utilization
    Pictured: Laser cutting of filler parts in component openings and outer sections of sheet utilizing nesting software
  • Automated Fastener Insertion
    Pictured: .090 aluminum chassis with several blind standoffs
  • Mounting Equipment
    Pictured: 9 GA laser cut and formed channel for attachment of various components
  • Metal Weldment
    Pictured: Metal weldment requiring precision assembly including purchased components
  • Welded Metal Assemblies
    Pictured: CGI completed assembly including fabrication, sourcing of parts and packaging for shipment
  • Stainless Enclosure with Louvers
    Pictured: 16 GA stainless steel enclosure with louvers
  • Stainless Steel Assembly
    Pictured: 16 GA stainless steel part assembled with hardware
  • Stainless Laser Cutting
    Pictured: 18 GA stainless laser-cut and formed frame
  • Mounting Equipment
    Pictured: Mounting hardware for monitor and keyboard
  • Mounting Equipment
    Pictured: Mounting hardware for monitor and keyboard
  • Computer Mounting Equipment
    Pictured: In use
  • Tight Tolerance Brackets
    Pictured: 14 GA stainless laser-cut bracket fabricated to tight tolerances
  • Complex Forming and Spot Welding
    Pictured: Complex forming and spot welding of mounting equipment
  • Metal Enclosures
    Pictured: Metal enclosure components fabricated, powder coated and shipped for customer assembly
  • Precision Metal Parts
    Pictured: Forming for exact match to mating component (E-coated for outdoor use)
  • Weldment with Weld Studs
    Pictured: 7 GA assembly with weld studs
  • Welded Assembly Inclduing Bar
    Pictured: Welded tube and end cap to match upright standard (powder coated)
  • Perforated Cluster Punched Component
    Pictured: .050 aluminum cover with cluster punched perforated pattern
  • Powder Coating & Silkscreening
    Pictured: Telecommunications faceplate powder coated and silk screened
  • Baffle Assembly with Stainless Steel Pipe
    Pictured: 12 GA stainless steel laser cut, rolled and welded with stainless steel pipe
  • Hinge Assembly with Spring Assist
    Pictured: 1/4" stainless steel laser cut and formed with tapped holes

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